How to Play Wed Lotto

About Wednesday Lotto

System 15, for example, will allow you to choose 15 numbers and any combination of them will win, just as long as the numbers match those picked at the time of drawing. These 15 numbers picked in all 6 possible combinations is equal to 5005 games!  Don’t have the cash to take advantage of the Full System? Then the Reduced System might be just what you were looking for. This allows you to choose more than the standard 8 numbers, just like the Full System, the only difference is that they have to be in the correct order.

The standard method is still the extremely affordable AUD $0.55 per ticket. All you have to do is choose the 8 numbers you know will win, or if you prefer use the Quickpick feature to have them chosen for you. Wednesday lotto is played every Wednesday night at 8:30pm AET, and results are given Wednesday at 9:30pm AET. Hurry, entry closes at 9:00pm AET.

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